Abed/Britta picspam
Abrita behind
For the record, Idek what a picspam is.
Most of it is from Tumblr(follow linkies), the first screen cap is from letsey_x.

Abed in deep thought:

"Abed, what are you thinking about?




Abed/Britta finally happened!!!!!!
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It counts, totes.

Hi guys
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I'm not dead, I just lost my password and was generally not interested in posting anything since I wasn't doing much worth mentioning.
I don't know if I want to follow mrTARDISreviews anymore, he chops every DW episode into little pieces and...well, he takes the fun away.
In related news, I just saw the DW season 6 finale and it was all kinds of weird and amazing.

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 I don't have a huge following in the Internet, so I do squee when I make a comment on a video and I get a comment back from the person who made the video, especially in the People&Blogs section. Here are some users I've had interaction with.

MrTARDISReviews, as the name suggests, does reviews for DW but also non-related movies and episodes (although Sherlock could be counted as related). He approaches the episodes from a technical point of view and sometimes gives me a better understanding or a new perspective on the episode. Lately he has perhaps erred on the side of over-critical but in general his videos are enjoyable and fun to watch. He has mostly reviewed series 5 and 6 of DW, but also Classic Who episodes. I especially like the series 5 reviews. Oh, and the Impossible Astronaut review.

MelindaPendulum is pretty new for me, but she has interesting opinions for example on race. She also has a technical point of view to literary and televised products of fiction, so over all I really like her videos. I recommend some of her Disney videos, or if you're a (former) GG fan, "he's not abusive my *bleep*".

FizzyLimon or "Steve" makes videos that vary from enjoyable to useful (mostly both?). He is very new to me, but I like the videos he's made so far. He also has a nice policy according to which he makes a point to thank all of his subscribers personally (I'm not sure if I've gotten mine yet. Maybe I should check), and he also comments on a lot of the comments posted on his videos. I thought he was just a normal guy, but a friend of mine made a note of his eyes and Steve explains in his first video that his vision displays four images instead of one. I didn't notice anything being wrong, though. I recommend "My newest job application" and "I'd ricommand grammer in you're cirriculum.". (Yes, there's a full stop in the title).

is the newest vlogger I've found. How new? My friend sent me a link to her video last night. Although I have a feeling I've run into her videos before, I just didn't know what she was talking about or wasn't interested (I'm sorry, but usually I don't go to youtube to listen to covers). The video in question, however, was "Asexual bingo" (which is very funny btw) where she replied to people telling her she is wrong to think she is asexual. It's better than watching vegetarians and omnivores go at it, I swear. I made a comment to her and she replied. Wow.

people talk back to me!

For an entry elsewhere
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Shows and crap ratings part 1
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I was under the impression that most of the shows I watch are not that popular and always in the fear of getting the ax. Just for fun I thought I'd see if the shows I think are unpopular really are that.
Before actually checking the numbers, I thought Community would have pitiful ratings and the others would have slightly better or significantly better ratings, but things were not so clear cut. 

House has had pretty strong ratings over the years, to me the peak seems to take place in the fourth season episode 11 "Frozen" with 29.04 million viewers. In the last season (7th), the show has dropped since then and has had ratings ranging from high 7 million to over 12 million viewers. The 12 million peak also happened during the season's 11th episode, "Family practice". Personally I'm probably not continuing to watch the show. It's weird these days.

I assumed Gossip girl would be high on the list, but even on its highest rated second season the series scored under 4 million viewers. In the past season (4th) the writers decided to crap on everyone watching the show and the viewers have responded accordingly: the highest rated episode "Townie" scored 2.06 million viewers, whereas most of the episodes had more or less a million and a half viewers, with a series low at "the Princesses and the Frog" at 1.27. I am definitely dropping this show. It's offensive to women everywhere now.

The Big Bang Theory is maybe the most popular show I watch, and after its first season they've enjoyed on average close to 10 million viewers, third season episode "The Precious Fragmentation" seemingly holding the series high at 16.31 million viewers. The fourth season that just drew to a close enjoyed on average 10 million or more viewers. This show I'm keeping, but dear lord I hope they're not doing Lenny again.

Like I said, I thought for sure Community would have awful ratings since the fans are always complaining about TBBT taking all viewers (they're on at the same time), but on its first season all episodes with the exception of "Contemporary American Poultry" got over 4 million viewers. Overall they seem to be doing better than GG right now, and deservedly so. On its second season it faired slightly worse and there were more episodes, especially towards the end of the season, where ratings were in the high or low 3 millions. I guess there really is something to be worried about. Not as much as I thought, but it is worrying that the episode of the season "The Paradigms of Human Memory" got a series low of 3.17 million viewers. Hopefully they get a spot somewhere where they don't have to compete against TBBT. And yes, of course I'm going to keep watching Community.

Psych is a special case, because I haven't gotten the hold of their ratings info for seasons other than the fifth. Psych reportedly has bad ratings and therefore do things like Psych-outs for the fans to keep them watching. The fifth season had on average about three million viewers, the highest rated episode being "Viagra Falls" with 4.11 million viewers, and a season low being the "Polarizing express" with 2.43 million viewers, although the latter was probably due to two episodes being aired one after the other, so people might have had other shows to catch. So far, looks pretty good, not too bad at least, although I wish they would have more viewers. They do have a sixth season coming up, though, so thumbs up for that. 

DW Fun
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The screen caps are from rawr-caps, thanks!

Good luck River

Twilight and DW
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An lj-user called corza_laura wrote this on the DW forum:

Spoilers S6x7
Did anyone else have to think of Twilight after watching "A Good Man Goes To War"?

After knowing that River is Amy's daughter and knowing that she and the doctor would fall in love one day, I couldn't help but think of Bella Swan, who's best friend Jacob fell in love with her baby! xD

And they listened to "Supermassive Black Hole" at the beginning of "Flesh". That's so Twilight!

To which I replied:

I've read the four Twilight books, and I disagree.

Renesmee was a kid, an infant, when she met Jacob, and the only reason she and Jacob are supposedly "meant for each other" is because he's magically linked to her. He didn't fall in love with her, he was linked to her against her will. River likes the Doctor out of her own free will. The baby Renesmee has no say in the matter, of course, even though there's a half-vampire suitor who'd also like to get to know her. Neither one of the boys want her for her. For Jacob, it was magic or something to that effect and the half-vampire kid only wants her because there are very few half-vampires out there. Sinking ships (in this case, Jacob/Bella) is usually done in a more sophisticated way, and that was probably the worst way I can think of.

The Doctor meets River when she's in her 40s. Yes, he hung out with her mom, but they were all of age when anything happened. Jacob on the other hand met Renesmee when she was a baby, took care of her as a baby (more than a little squicky), and will see her grow into an adult. There's a study about these type of relationships and why they usually don't work. If you grow up with someone as if they were a part of your family, the relationship is likely to never start. Maybe a better example would be on Angel when Cordelia and Angel took care of Angel's baby as an infant. The kid goes away and comes back as a teenager, Cordelia is possessed by a demon or whatevs and sleeps with the teenager. Not romantic.

Also, in your proposed scenario Amy=Bella Rory=Edward and the Doctor is Jacob.

Bella is a moody teenager who thinks everybody but Edward and his family are boring. Amy does start off as being a bit star struck like all companions but quickly starts to treat the Doctor like an actual friend and teases him, instead of spending an entire first volume on describing his beauty, his family's beauty and how everybody else is simply bland in comparison. While Bella sinks deeper and deeper into Edward's web and continues to ignore/string along Jacob for the entire course of the series starting from the second volume, Amy actually remembers that Rory is actually pretty special and eventually marries him. Bella realizes that she actually does love Jacob and tells him as much just to hurt him again, but goes back to Edward because let's face it, if a boy don't sparkle, he ain't getting any.

Rory as Edward is a lovely idea and while the TARDIS has called him pretty, there has been equally as many remarks from the Doctor and Amy to refute his claim as the supreme lord of sparkle. Twilight, however, spends the first novel praising Edward's good looks and graceful demeanor, and this way of describing him continues on in subsequent novels. Whereas Twilight goes to great lengths to depict Edward as "perfect", Rory has taken a long ride from negligible to a valued member of the team, as well as a husband and more recently, father. Twilight dismisses these "regular" guys, such as Mike Newton, completely, showing that only super-powered rich guys with stunning good looks and a perfect family deserve love.

The level of faultiness in terms of Doctor as Jacob really depends on how badly you ship Amy and the Doctor. If you think The Doctor loved Amy romantically, you might see him as Jacob solely on the basis of him "not getting the girl". If not, you really don't see the similarity there. Jacob is described as a hot head who acts before he thinks, while the Doctor, discounting his angry fits, is an intelligent alien who mostly uses his wit to solve problems (depending on the Doctor/situation, of course).

I'm not even going to bother with the unfortunate implications of the Twilight series when it comes to women, I'm sure you're well aware of them as a fan.

Annie's psychological profile draft
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Annie is a young girl who is still insecure over her lack of good looks in high school and most of her infatuations have been people who would help her mend her self-esteem or bring her other benefits in life.

She also has yet to address society's influence in her ideals about relationships. Through out history women have been encouraged to choose the older, more secure mate with money so she will be looked after. Today this seems awfully lot like prostitution, but the traces of it still exist in our culture, so it's better to acknowledge them, sort them out and move on. Annie, however, is not quite there yet. 

Annie was first "infatuated" (her words, not mine) with Troy, who was the star of their high school. Being with Troy would've brought with it social acceptance and a sense of validation for the overweight teen with a skin problem that she used to be.

While Vaughn seems to break pattern, he was still older than her and was the star of a pretty good band, meaning social acceptance. I guess that would've made her a groupie.

She then moved on and fell for Jeff (it hasn't been proven yet, but in my mind, yes), who's the authority figure for everyone in the group and then some. In fact, probably for everyone he meets. He is/will be a lawyer, so he's/will be more than capable of providing for her money-wise. He also has more experience than her in several areas of interest to her.

She then had a brief crush on Rich, who's a doctor and good at everything and is majoring at being swell, and has a fan club of his own. He has his medical licence, and he's probably working already so he's also a good provider.

In the last episode the guy from Lost was the mysterious guy in charge, the top dog, who was even better than Jeff at controlling the room, not to mention very good-looking.

When she made out with Abed, he was in-character and channeling Han Solo no less, the "hey there pretty lady" of all time (okay, Indiana Jones. But that's another story).

I'm not saying May/December relationships are always wonky, my best friends are in one, but it only works if the two are equals (Jannie is a longer story than this, but for this post, I'm letting it go).

I would just like for Dan Harmon/Annie to see through this meta and find Annie someone who she actually likes and not just for their position of power. I propose it happens in the course of a nice psych introductory class. The benefit of this class? It would be taught by Duncan, who already happens to be on Community's pay roll. How convenient is that? 

Rose (2005)
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rose and mickey

The villain was solid, not particularly scary but you could see its motivations and where it was coming from (Time Wars f*cked everyone over, not just Time Lords and Daleks). The Doctor's conversation with the Nestene consciousness is a nice reference to the Time Wars and will be later developed in the RTD era.

I liked the introduction of Rose with a sort of a montage of her daily routine and I also liked her interaction with Mickey. I did find it odd that it took her until the scene at the restaurant to realize Mickey was acting off. I also liked the fact that she's heavier than the average TV female and comes off as quite beautiful. Her personality is not that much developed in this one, since this is the first episode and first we much get all the necessary questions off the table before we can see her personality (next episode, most probably). What we did see is that she is stuck with an...interesting mom and is also seeing Mickey, who is a bit of a goof.

The Doctor steps to the stage and it's immediately evident that this is the Doctor, and no one else. He doesn't cater to Rose's needs and is not there to please anyone: he's the Doctor who's been through the Time Wars and all he wants to do is save the Earth from getting obliterated. He doesn't care if Rose thinks her boyfriend is dead, he's got more important things on his mind. He gives the Nestene Consciousness a chance to negotiate with him, even though he could have simply poured the content of the vile into the pool of lava that it seemed to be. I really liked that and the fact that his attempt to save both the Earth and the Nestene consciousness got him captured, because it gave Rose something to do.

I thought it was brilliant to add some back story to the Doctor's influence to historic events and get Rose some idea of the Doctor through the character of Clive. I was saddened to see him die, especially in front of his wife and kids, because I saw an alternative ending to it where the Doctor would introduce himself to Clive and he'd find out he wasn't a nutter after all.

What I found weird about the ending is that while it was pretty obvious Rose was going to go with the Doctor, the conversation she had with Mickey was a bit off-putting to me.

Rose: "Thanks." 
Mickey: "For what?"
Rose: "Exactly."

I thought Mickey was a rather nice boyfriend without any huge flaws, so I didn't quite understand that part.

Overall I liked this episode, despite its at times weird dialog and some odd pacing (how many reaction shots do we need from Rose before she springs to action?). The villain was menacing, we got the introduction of a new Doctor as well as a new companion in the same episode without it feeling crowded. We also met two recurring characters, Rose's mom and Mickey, whom we'll meet again later. It was a fun, adventure-filled episode that accomplished quite a lot within 40-45 minutes.

Right, and we *almost* got an "it's bigger on the inside" quote from Rose, but not quite. See you next time.  


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